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hello everyone! I'm back from the rest away from the net that I need it :D Im working in some new stuff and finished some other stuff that I will post 2morrow also I just find kpop here on deviantart! omg my 2 loves together in one place!! isn't that awesome?! wait is not even kpop but tvxq's and even better!? Yunnie's lovers *________* shisus me happy!

Well I only had done one Yunho's fanart tho- OTL I wanted to do more but never actually did it TT but I feel so inspired by the artist here and their amazing fanarts!! :O

Theres so much I want to do.... I need more time!

haha ok my time is up its 2am @.@ see u 2morrow everyone ♥
I think is time for me to go out of line for a while and really focus on my work but I mean really!!! with out the exhaustion, over thinking, pressure, checking, reading, finding, searching, worrying, nothing, anything at all! just to be what I want to be, walk the path that I want to walk and look at myself from above not down. ♥
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I cant believe that I opened my da acc 4 weeks agooooo time flies @.@ it feels so weird! but Im happy ppl are really nice and fun to talk to :) anyways Im selling one of my original drawings Graphite on Strathmore watercolor paper if interested you can find it here-->…;
   thanks for watching!
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My comp power source broke last week and for the longest weekend ever I tho- all my info, edits, music etc were lost forever!! OMG the worst feeling ever! really no comp no life, cliche? hell yes but totally true...anyways... it turn out that nothing was lost and just had to change the power source supply uuffff lucky me really super lucky >< haha now am ON again :)
Good day everyone!

Lately I have being thinking that when I was in art school I often got criticize by my teachers for the amount of detail in my work they said it was "too much" so thinking that they knew better than me I fight my way out of it, I wish I have had the strength to do otherwise cuz now I find myself fighting my way back to detail for I often feel that I have fallen into emptiness, what I do is always so plain, I work for many days and still in the end it looks empty, which drives me crazy!!! frustration is the key element here.

So in conclusion dont let anyone tell u what u can or cannot do, cuz your own heart knows better than anyone else.
Everyone good afternoon! I hope ur having a nice day.

I worked a lot and finished one little portrait today :) 1 out of 7 that I had plan, I want to finish them all fast!! but Im a slow artist TTTT like a snail........OTL
today is one of those days in which I dont know what am I doing or why I keep doing it, and I wonder if I can keep going or if I should, me and my boring art and my stupid heart @.@ I want to burn it all down.....can I say such things in here????
I decided to join deviantart I really hope to do some good friends and learn many things, I think that I lack in many areas of my artwork and so I am open to hear other artist point of views I want my art to improve!   I don't want never ever to give up.